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About Our Restroom Trailer Rentals

Take advantage of high-quality restroom trailer rentals in Roseville and make guests at any event feel clean and comfortable. Contact Rocket Restrooms & Fencing to discuss restroom trailer hire in Roseville. 

Portable Restroom Trailer Rentals Roseville Locals Depend On

You can’t hold an outdoor event without some type of plumbing option available for guests. The standard solution for many event organizers is bringing in porta-potty stalls. While these portable toilets give people privacy when doing their business, they come with significant drawbacks. 

Consider using mobile restroom trailer rentals in Roseville for an upcoming event or outdoor project and you’ll never want to go back to porta-potties. Check out the top advantages that come with renting a restroom trailer in Roseville. 

1. Enhanced Cleanliness

The top priority for anyone using a public bathroom is leaving the space feeling clean. Traditional portable toilets don’t give you the ability to flush and lack sinks with running water. It’s extremely difficult to stay sanitary in these stalls especially if they run out of products like toilet paper and hand sanitizer. 

When you contact Rocket Restrooms & Fencing, you won’t have to worry about equipping your event with subpar bathrooms. Our restroom trailers come with impressive amenities, including:

  • Flushable toilets
  • Stainless steel sinks
  • Hot and cold water faucets
  • Full-size toilets and urinals

You will enjoy comfort and cleanliness when you step into one of our trailers. 

2. Versatile Rental Options

What can you expect when you arrange restroom trailer rentals in Roseville? Our inventory includes trailers that have between two and ten stalls. You can rent trailers that meet your needs and budget. 

Are you holding an outdoor birthday party and don’t anticipate having many people use the bathroom at once? The compact two-stall trailer will impress your guests when they need to go. Larger events like concerts or festivals with thousands of guests could benefit from several ten-stall trailers set up throughout the venue. 

We’re happy to accommodate you and provide a rental trailer as long as you need it. For some events, this could mean a day or two of use. Long-term rentals are also available for events like fairs that span several weeks or construction projects. 

3. Luxurious Solutions

It’s hard to make a public bathroom feel upscale but that’s exactly what you get when you book Roseville luxury restroom trailer rentals with Rocket Restrooms & Fencing. Our trailers come with amenities that you’d find in any resort bathroom, including:

  • A speaker system to play music
  • Well-lit vanity mirrors
  • Floor-to-ceiling doors
  • Stainless steel sinks
  • Air conditioning

The floor plan of each trailer varies. Regardless of which option you select, we promise it includes high-end amenities. Let your event attendees feel like VIPs with our luxury restroom trailer rentals in Roseville. 

4. Suitable for Any Event

When a porta-potty won’t suffice, reach out to Rocket Restrooms & Fencing about Roseville event restroom trailer rentals. We’ll provide you with a luxury trailer that makes the bathroom facilities a highlight for guests. Our rental products are easy to set up and disassemble which our experienced team will take care of for you. 

Say “goodbye” to standard portable toilets and rent a high-end restroom trailer for any event or project in Roseville, including:

  • Birthday or anniversary parties
  • Weddings
  • Concerts
  • Corporate retreats
  • Sporting events
  • Festivals or fairs
  • Construction projects

5. Optimum Accessibility

Each restroom trailer we offer has steps leading to the doors of both stations. For handicapped users, inquire about a wheelchair-accessible trailer. These restrooms contain a ramp that leads into the unisex restroom and ADA-compliant stalls, including handrails for easy maneuvering. 

If you anticipate having handicapped guests at your event, ask us about ADA-compliant restroom trailers. We’ll accommodate you as best we can and make sure that every guest in attendance benefits from our portable bathroom solutions. 

Book a Restroom Trailer Rental in Roseville, California

No one offers better restroom trailer rentals in Roseville than Rocket Restrooms & Fencing. Our professionals will deliver the trailer to your event space on time and make a waste disposal schedule that keeps the restroom running efficiently for the duration of your rental. Once the event ends, we’ll pick up the trailer at your convenience. 

To learn more about our services or to request a quote, connect with Rocket Restrooms & Fencing today. Submit our online contact form to have a representative reach out to you or call 800-654-4853 for immediate service. 


Frequently Asked Questions About Roseville Restroom Trailer Rentals

Are you still curious about our services and how you can rent a restroom trailer in Roseville, CA? Check out answers to some of the most common questions customers ask us.

Certain events like weddings or outdoor birthday parties have fewer people to accommodate and don’t require several trailers. Larger events like festivals or concerts may need more restrooms. Contact us to discuss your needs. 

The price depends on the type of trailer you select, the number of trailers you request, and the duration of your rental. We’ll provide you with a transparent estimate when you request a quote for our rental services. 

Yes, renting a trailer restroom has significant advantages over a standard portable toilet. Event attendees and organizers will both enjoy having this equipment on-site. 

Rocket Restroom & Fencing offers amenities like air conditioning, handrails, lighting, lockable cabinets, and more for our restroom trailer rentals in Sacramento, California.

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