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About Our Restroom Trailer Rentals

Proper sanitation is essential for guests and workers when hosting a public outdoor event, planning a garden wedding, or starting a new construction project. If traditional restrooms aren’t available or are inadequate for the number of people who’ll need access to the facilities, it’s time to book luxury restroom trailer rentals in Napa, California

Rocket Restrooms & Fencing is one of the top providers of Napa luxury restroom trailer rentals. Our services include unbeatable prices, fast deliveries, and personalized solutions for any sanitation need. 

Perfect Occasions for Luxury, Portable Restroom Trailer Rentals in Napa, CA

Rocket Restrooms & Fencing’s luxury restroom trailers are more than a typical port-a-potty. These spacious trailers offer an elegant solution for any event needing sanitation stations. Our trailers have separate spaces for men and women featuring high-quality sinks, mirrors, air conditioning, and soft music playing in the background. 

Our mission is to deliver affordable, sophisticated restroom facilities that are clean, well-stocked, and private. Turn to us as your restroom trailer hire for rentals in Napa Valley for various reasons including:

  • Outdoor Concerts
  • Local Festivals
  • Winery Weddings
  • Street Festivals
  • Film Shoots
  • Birthday Locations
  • Construction Sites
  • Sporting Events
  • Emergency Restorations

Mobile Restroom Trailer Rentals: Napa Location

We at Rocket Restrooms & Fencing have mobile, restroom trailer rentals in Napa that are fit to service any situation for your convenience. With our restroom trailer rentals in Napa Valley, you and other guests or workers can enjoy a pleasant, upscale restroom experience in a climate-controlled environment. Our options include the following:

  • 2-Stall Restroom Trailer: This compact restroom trailer has two private stalls, an inviting interior, and soft music to make the facilities more relaxing and calming.
  • 3-Stall Restroom Trailer: Our 14-foot luxury restroom trailer is longer than other options, which is ideal for three spacious stalls with a urinal, multiple sinks, and vacant/occupied lights.
  • 8-Stall Restroom Trailer: This top-of-the-line luxury restroom trailer with individual air conditioning units has a women’s section with four roomy stalls and a dual-sink vanity. The men’s section contains two urinals and two private stalls. 
  • 10-Stall Restroom Trailer: For events with large groups, consider our beautiful ten-stall luxury restroom trailer with flexible configurations to accommodate men and women.

Rent Your Restroom Trailer: Why Choose Us?

At Rocket Restrooms & Fencing, we have a long history of delivering individualized solutions for sanitation stations including luxury restroom trailers and standard portable toilets. Our professional staff goes above and beyond to ensure every customer has the appropriate facilities for their events throughout Napa County. 

You can rely on us to create a pleasant, stress-free restroom trailer rental convenience. We offer competitive rates with no hidden fees. Our professional and courteous crew will also deliver and set up your rentals and ensure everything is clean, well maintained, operational, and ready for you and your guests to use and enjoy for any event. 

When you need affordable restroom trailer rentals in Napa, California with competitive prices and quality materials, turn to Rocket Restrooms & Fencing. As your trusted contact, we offer many luxury portable restroom options for parties, sporting events, weddings, concerts, and more. With our premium rentals, there’s no need to worry about not having sufficient units for guests, workers, or event attendees. 

Contact our professionals at Rocket Restrooms & Fencing today at 800-654-4853 to start your free quote.

Frequently Asked Questions About Napa Restroom Trailer Rentals

Unsure about mobile restroom trailer rentals in Napa, CA? Read the answers to several questions our Rocket Restrooms & Fencing hears often before booking your rental.

Your restroom trailer rental for any Napa event comes with waste management. Our Rocket Restrooms & Fencing team will create a waste removal schedule according to the length of your rental period. 

Mobile restroom trailers work by having all sinks and toilets directly above a waste tank. A separate water tank provides clean, fresh water for washing hands and flushing toilets. 

All of our restroom trailers have freshwater holding tanks onboard, eliminating the need for external sources. The size of the holding tank depends on the type and size of the mobile restroom trailer rental. 

Rocket Restroom & Fencing offers amenities like air conditioning, handrails, lighting, lockable cabinets, and more for our restroom trailer rentals in Napa, California.

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