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About Our Porta Potties

Have you ever attended outdoor events with no adequate restroom facilities? It’s not the most pleasant affair. Don’t make this mistake when you plan a large festival, construction project, or intimate wedding! 

Leave the sanitation logistics to Rocket Restrooms & Fencing. We’re a trusted provider of porta potty rentals in Modesto, CA, with a reputation for reliable service and tailor-fit solutions. Our units are clean, well-maintained, and perfect for any occasion. Schedule a porta potty rental in Modesto, CA, today.

Different Project, Different Requirements

We do provide standard units that can suit various needs, but some cases might call for specialized options. Our offerings include the following.

Trailer-Mounted Porta Potties

Some projects require frequent relocation, and traditional porta potties become a hassle to move around. That’s where our trailer-mounted units come in handy. 

You attach these portable restrooms to vehicles and swiftly transport them from one site to another with minimal effort. They offer the same cleanliness and convenience as our standard units but with added mobility. It’s ideal for construction sites, film sets, and large events. 

Luxury Units 

Imagine hosting elegant outdoor weddings, corporate events, or high-profile VIP gatherings in Modesto. You need facilities that match the occasion’s sophistication. 

Our premium restroom trailers deliver an upscale portable toilet experience with features like flushing toilets, running water sinks, climate control, and even music options. Why not add a touch of luxury to any event and give your guests a comfortable restroom experience?

ADA-Compliant Porta Potties

Navigating inadequate restroom facilities feels especially daunting for disabled individuals and their helpers. Standard porta potties often lack the space and accessibility features needed, which results in discomfort and frustration.

Rocket Restrooms & Fencing aims to address these challenges by offering ADA-compliant units specifically designed for ease of use. These spacious models include sturdy handrails, ground-level entry, and enough room for maneuvering wheelchairs. Everyone should enjoy a comfortable, dignified bathroom experience.

High-Rise Portable Toilet

How do you provide restroom access on a construction site at steep heights? Workers often waste precious time descending and ascending for a basic necessity. 

Here’s where our high-rise units shine. These units have a compact yet functional design. You can fit them easily into construction elevators or crane them to higher floors.

A nearby porta potty boosts productivity and speeds up the workflow, so your Modesto project has fewer unnecessary delays.

Hand Wash Stations

Install hand washing areas near your porta potty rental in Modesto, CA, for extra sanitation. Clean hands prove crucial for maintaining health and preventing the spread of germs, especially during large gatherings or on busy sites. Our stations have soap dispensers, paper towels, and foot-operated pumps to lend a touch-free washing experience.

How We Handle Your Porta Potty Rental in Modesto

Rocket Restrooms & Fencing boasts a solid track record of successfully serving Modesto and the surrounding areas. We’ve partnered with event planners, homeowners who want to remodel, and numerous other clients!

If you need some insight into our service, let us walk you through the process. We follow a comprehensive approach that guarantees your satisfaction:

  • Consultation: First, we chat with you to nail down your exact needs. Whether you need a single unit for a backyard wedding or multiple units for a sprawling construction site, our team listens and provides expert advice to match you with the right solution.
  • Installation: Expect a hassle-free delivery once you’ve made your decision. Our specialists schedule a convenient time, drop off the units at your desired location, and prepare them for use.
  • Upkeep: You don’t have to hire a different team for maintenance; we handle it all! Our crew will visit the site regularly to pump out waste and refill supplies.
  • Removal: When your event wraps up or the project concludes, we handle the takedown efficiently. No disruption or mess left behind.

Make Sanitation Simple and Stress-Free

Whether you’re organizing your first event or managing a significant project, we have you covered. Our goal isn’t just about offering premier porta potties at affordable rental prices — it’s about forging lasting partnerships built on trust, reliability, and exceptional service. 

The only thing you need to do is reach out, and we’ll handle the rest. The Rocket Restrooms & Fencing crew will make you feel like family with our warm customer service and prompt responses. Dial 800-654-4853 today! 

We Offer Different Types of Porta Potty Rentals:

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Rentals:

Generally speaking, within 72 hours

Construction or long term rentals include weekly service. Special event or short term rentals require scheduled service.


Construction or long term rentals are 4 week billing cycles. Special Event or short term are weekly rentals.

Yes, we do have structured pricing, but if the request is for multiple units then a discount could apply.

Yes, all of our restrooms come with hasp that allow you to lock the unit.

Yes, we do pump customer owned units.

Just like most retail stores and service business, we require retail customers to pay prior to delivery and commercial customers can apply for a billing account.

Some people assume that public restrooms are cleaner than a porta potty, but that’s not necessarily the case. Properly serviced units actually maintain high sanitary standards. 

The best thing to do is to cordon off the area immediately and seek expert assistance. Professionals will outfit your porta potty rental in Modesto, CA, on stable, level ground to minimize risks, but accidents can happen.  

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